Tamana, the next ICT hub in the Western Hemisphere

Tamana InTech Park will be the center of technological innovation for the region in the next few years.

But what makes the Park different?

What is Tamana’s selling point?

Why are notable big-brand companies interested in investing in Trinidad & Tobago through the Park?

The answer lies in Information Communications and Technology (ICT), the conceptual platform on which the Park is being constructed. The 1,100-acre eco-industrial Park will feature state-of-the-art world-class ICT infrastructure and value-added services, in an easily accessible part of the region, which makes it particularly attractive to investors in the Western Hemisphere. Designed to be a first-rate facility that will enable the progressive expansion of local ICT capability nationwide, Tamana InTech Park will provide the catalyst for the improvement of e-Government services and general online accessibility in Trinidad & Tobago. This modular IBM-derived design will also be able to grow in tandem with developments in technology, thereby making the system even more valuable.

According to ICT Manager Tara Manick, Tamana InTech Park will feature modern ICT infrastructure such as Multiple Point of Presence (POP) and Network Centers for Diversity and a Tier III Data Centre. In terms of services, tenants, students and guests will enjoy blanketed Wi-Fi coverage, Internet access, VOIP phones, and a range of connectivity and data center services. Some of these services will be available via a portal, allowing relevant users to engage in self-administration.

With construction of this modern ICT infrastructure at the Park under way, Tamana has already attracted interest from a variety of potential clients, including software developers, biometrics researchers and business intelligence incubators.

The ongoing support of the Government in enabling the development of the ICT market in Trinidad & Tobago and in placing ICT on this country’s national agenda is integral to the success of the Park. ICT is the backbone of a knowledge-based economy, which is the key to the diversification of T&T revenue generation. This modern ICT hub with its anticipated global interest will also boost commercial activity and lead to the further development of the Wallerfield, Arima and Sangre Grande communities.

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