Application for Industrial Space at E Teck’s Parks

Thank you for your interest in eTeck’s Parks. Please note:

  1. All questions should be answered, if a question is not applicable to your operation, select NA
  2. Refer to the checklist to ensure that all your documents are attached
  3.  You can save and continue the completion of the form at any point
  4. An email notification will be sent to you once you click submit
  5. All follow ups can be done via email at or call 225-1989

The folowing documents will be needed for you to complete the form so please ensure you have them handy:

  • Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate of Continuance (where applicable)
  • Notice of Last Registered Address
  • Articles of Incorporation and Company By-Laws
  • List of Directors and Principal Officers
  • Audited Financial Statements for the last 2 years / Management Accounts for the last 2 years
  • A schematic/sketch of the proposed operations
  • Brochures/photographs of current operations, products and services

Select your location:

Select your preferred/alternate park location:

Company Profile:

Prospective Operations:

Please give a full description of your intended operations: (e.g. the manufacture of?..)

Production Output Details for Initial Startup Stage:

Please describe the stages in your manufacturing process

Production Output Details for Full Production mode:

Volume of Production (Qty)

Market Share (Local) %

Market Share (Export) %

Annual Value Local Market

Annual Value Export Market

Production Output Details for Initial Start Up Stage Full Production Mode (TTD or USD/GBP/CAD/EUR)

Volume of Production (Qty)

Market Share (Local) %

Market Share (Export) %

Annual Value Local Market

Annual Value Export Market

Please indicate Raw Materials:

Please indicate  the percentage of local and foreign raw material content used in your manufacturing process:

% Local Content and

% Foreign Content

If any of the raw materials are chemicals, then the applicant shall contact the Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division of the Ministry of Health to determine if a license for use of said chemical/s is/are required. Proof of this correspondence must be provided to e TecK, in order for this application to be processed. A copy of the license (if required), must be provided to e TecK within (a suitable timeframe is to be determined) of approval of your application.

Please indicate your Labour requirements:

Indicate an estimate labour requirements for both the initial and full production stages

Initial/Startup Stage

Full Production Mode

Managerial and Supervisory



Non - Technical

Total Labour requirement

Environment Evaluation:

State the type of efficient and other waste generated by your manufacturing process

Type of efficient

Daily production (please specify units of production)

Chemical Properties and degree of toxicity

Proposed method of Treatment and / or Disposal

Solid Waste

Gaseous Waste

Liquid Waste


Proof of application for a Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) must be submitted to e TecK within (a suitable timeframe is to be determined),  for your application to be processed. A copy of the CEC must be provided to e TecK within 7 days of receipt.

Risk Assesment:

Building Area Requirements (Sq.ft)


Ground Floor

Upper Floor

Total Floor Space



Covered Storage

Others (Please specify)

Total Floor Area Required

Vehicle Volume:

State the approximate number of vehicles required by your operation per day.
(Inclusive of staff, customers and clientele)

Vehicle Type

Initial Start Up Stage

Full Production Mode

Passenger Cars

Trucks / Vans



Utility Requirements:

Please indicate your requirements for water and electricity consumption per month



Non-Manufacturing / Services

Water (Litres)

Electricity (Kilowatts)

Natural Gas (measured in millions of cubic feet per day)

Please note that all tenants will be provide with a basic electricity infrastructure consisting of a 3.3 Kv to 12 KVhigh voltage phase and 110-120V / 220-240V single phase low voltage. (Subject to Change and Variation per Factory Shell). Any modification of the above to satisfy the operation of specialized machinery will be the responsibility of the individual tenant.

Estimated time of completation of expenditure:

Estimated Time of Completion (months)

Estimated expenditure ($TT)

Machinery, Plant and Equipment

Other (specify)

Total expenditure

Please indicate your proposed sources of the Finance for the total expenditure

Indicate the estimated cost of the project:

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