Community Relations Policy


As a corporate citizen, we seek to achieve a balance between our business activities and the needs of the communities which we impact. This Community Relations Policy provides a framework which will guide the decision-making and actions of e TecK as we seek to cultivate and establish harmonious relations with our stakeholders.

These include:

  • Businesses – Manufacturing and Service Industries
  • Investors and Financial Institutions
  • Residents
  • Farmers
  • Industrial Sector
  • Estate Tenants
  • Government and Regulatory Agencies
  • Utilities
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Environmentalists
  • Education Community
  • Transient Organisations

In recognition of the idiosyncrasies of the diverse communities in which e TecK operates, the Community Relations Policy integrates customized approaches/mechanisms to ensure effective communications and coverage. As a result of these approaches/mechanisms, e TecK will be able to anticipate, understand and respond more efficiently to community relations issues.


All Community relations activities must complement e TecK’s vision and mission and be aligned with its strategic goals and objectives.

  • e TecK will interact with the community in a manner that is accessible, transparent and responsive
  • e TecK will be aware of, value and respect communities, consider their unique situations and take their interests into account in all its operations.
  • e TecK will identify, contact and involve stakeholders early in the planning process
  • e TecK will provide sensitivity training to employees and sub-contractors to enable better interaction with stakeholders


To provide mechanisms for effective communication with stakeholders

e TecK recognizes its responsibility to provide for ongoing communications between host communities and the organization and considers it essential that citizens have opportunities to become informed of the organization’s plans and programmes.

To secure wide range support and ‘buy-in’ from e TecK’s stakeholders for the company’s various activities initiatives

e Teck recognizes the necessity and value of community involvement in order to ensure sustainable development. The company is therefore committed to

To re-assure host communities of the positive impacts of planned development on their quality of life.

e TecK recognizes the importance of maintaining a continuous flow of information to host communities as well as engaging them in dialogue about planned changes to their environments. It will therefore be the policy of e TecK to

To enhance quality of life in fenceline communities

e Teck fully recognizes that meaningful relationships with fenceline communities impact positively on both activities and image. It is therefore the policy of e TecK to

To establish e TecK as the preferred partner for organizations involved in restoration of the environment and preventing environmental degradation

e TecK is as concerned about the environment in which we operate our facilities as we are about every detail that goes into our buildings. Our preferred method of operation is to partner with legitimate, viable community based organizations to engage in activities which will positively impact the environment. In this regard e TecK is committed to:

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