Corporate Social Response Agenda

e TecK takes very seriously its role as an Agent of Change, not just in the delivery of its mandate but also in terms of its responsibility to enable positive, sustainable change in the many communities in which the company operates and among the valued stakeholders, with whom it engages daily. In this vein, e TecK has developed and embarked upon a Social Response Agenda which includes a variety of activities in which the company partners with fenceline communities by providing financial support for the developmental efforts of community or stakeholder activists.

e TecK also recognises and rewards achievement at all levels of society, and fosters the spirit of volunteerism in its employees through internally designed and driven initiatives. Corporate Philanthropy and charitable donations of food and clothing for those in need are also part of the company’s Social Response Programme.

e TecK is determined to ensure that its Corporate Social Response is fully realised in every sphere of its operations and compares equally and favourably with the delivery of the many core business projects under its purview, and expects that in short order, the company’s initiatives will result in benefits that redound to the national good.

e TecK’s Corporate Social Response for the enhancement of community relations includes:

Community Engagement

(Social Investment & Mitigation)

Philanthropy & Sponsorship

(Charitable giving and sponsorship)

Employee Volunteerism

(A Culture of Charity)

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