e TecK assists Cumuto Presbyterian’s 114th Christmas Tradition

“When a gift is received!” Those words were bellowed from a pupil of the Cumuto Presbyterian School in response to Principal  Helen Lakhiram’s Christmas Bible Story question: “What brings joy deep within your heart?” On Thursday 10th December, 2015, Evolving TecKnologies and Enterprise Development (e TecK) ensured that the joy of Christmas was felt in every student’s heart by donating toys to the school’s 114th Annual Christmas Treat.

With e TecK’s first Christmas at their new home, Tamana InTech Park, it was only fitting that the Company spread some Christmas cheer in the village of Cumuto, one of the Company’s fence line communities. Toys were donated to the school directly by e TecK’s staff in response to a corporate toy drive conducted two weeks prior to the school’s Christmas Treat. They were gift wrapped and tagged accordingly to the appropriate age categories. All was in gear for the delivery and distribution of the gifts and our mission was solely to place a smile on every child’s face.

The air was filled with anticipation upon the arrival of the e TecK team. When the toys were in arms reach and little hands finally grasped their Christmas treasures, excitement erupted from each and every child. Needless to say the mission was accomplished. Principal Lakhiram expressed the highlight for her, at this year’s event, was seeing the happiness in her student’s faces, and the appreciation they showed towards the gesture. A planned initiative by Lakhiram is to provide opportunities for each child to learn more about the sites and scenes of Trinidad and Tobago and even plans to take the students to an excursion to Tobago next year.

Corporate Communications Manager at e TecK, Carol-Ann McKenzie, stated “The Cumuto Presbyterian School Toy Drive has been a pleasure to every member of staff who contributed towards the project. It was not only a joy to the students of the school, but also brought joy to the hearts of all who gave.”

e TecK’s Corporate Social Response (CSR) programme’s overarching goal is to enable positive, meaningful change and ultimately, sustainable development in the many communities in which the company operates.

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