Park Management Reform: Improving our Legacy

The new addressing standard is developed by the Universal Postal Union. Within this standard and will improve TTPost’s mail delivery by improving the quality of addresses nationwide, through the assignment of building numbers in a logical and sequential manner.

More than 11 years after its establishment in 2003, e TecK continues to transform the industrial landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. e TecK now manages 21 Industrial and Business Parks that covers an estimated 2,915 hectares of land area, providing 630, 000 square metres of ready-built space for its 323 businesses. We have also listened to our Tenants’ requests for greater flexibility for their operations and have taken action. We have revised our 30 and 99 year leases, as well as our Tenant Guidelines. Collectively, these service offerings translate positively to our Tenants’ ease of doing business with respect to warehousing and distribution, availability of commercial showrooms, accessibility to park amenities, parking services and acquiring loans. Additionally, the introduction of park management companies in 2014 will provide our Tenants with greater control in the management and maintenance of their spaces.

Beyond these improvements, we know that attractive rates and flexible tenancy options are not enough. Our tenants expect better customer service. And in response to this, we have increased the accessibility of our property officers to a mandated 3- park visits per week, per officer and have forged partnerships with our Tenants and the Industrial Estate Tenant Association (IETA) in collaborative problem solving. Accessibility, reliability and delivery on time drive our approach to quality customer service and care.

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