Local businesses on course for expansion at e TecK’s Debe Business Park

Evolving TecKnologies and Enterprise Development Company Limited (e TecK) continues to support Trinidad and Tobago’s economic diversification through its mandate to develop and manage spaces (Economic Zones/Industrial Parks) for businesses to grow. The company is pleased to announce that five companies namely Cocoyea Supermarket Limited, Kelton Pooran Manufacturers, Andy’s Woodworking, RPL (1991) Limited and Bridgson Auto Electrical Company Limited received 30 year leases to set up their businesses at e TecK’s Debe Business Park. The Debe Business Park is one of the smaller parks of e TecK’s 19 Business Parks which spans a total of approximately 8 acres with 11 lots that range in sizes of 20,000 sq. ft. to 28,000 sq. ft. “This feat signals a small but positive move by e TecK to support the country’s diversification efforts in the face of current economic challenges and uncertainties in the country’s oil and gas sector. We are committed to transforming and diversifying the economy,” says Mr. Imtiaz  Ahamad, Chairman.

Developing and tenanting Business Parks in South Trinidad such as Debe and Point Fortin have been critical to e TecK’s overall mandate. Debe tenant, Mr. Valmiki Ramnarine, Managing Director of Cocoyea Supermarket Limited is very optimistic for the future of his retail business in the supermarket and pharmaceutical industry. “I have been operating in the pharmaceutical industry for the last 28 years and then diversified to the supermarket business 14 years ago.  As a businessman, I have plans to expand and diversify my business operations, so this property at Debe Business Park provides me with that opportunity. I am hoping to venture to the re-packaging business on my property at Debe, however, my overall goal is to gradually get into light manufacturing in the area of food processing,” said Mr. Ramnarine. He further stated, “Once I outfit my plant with the relevant equipment and machinery, my re-packaging business should be up and running in about two years. I am hoping to employ 10 to 12 persons at this plant. As local businessmen we try to help our country’s economy in any way we can.”

Another tenant, Mr. Kelton Pooran, Managing Director of Kelton Pooran Manufacturers, has been operating for the last 30 years in the business of manufacturing of steel and aluminum products such as wheel barrows, spades, shovels, brackets, window hinges, door frames and roof bolts. He would like to move his manufacturing business from the City of San Fernando to the Debe Business Park which is more suited for his manufacturing business. “I currently supply over 250 hard-wares throughout Trinidad and Tobago, the location of the Debe Business Park, where the highway traverses directly in front of the park, makes it an ideal location for transportation and distribution in my wholesale business. It will also provide more space for me for container parking and a bay for offloading supplies.”  Mr. Pooran explained that because of noise pollution regulations in the city he cannot use certain equipment at his plant which impacts on his production capacity and his operational costs are high due to electricity and water charges in the city. “The Debe Business Park is just ideal for the expansion of my business; I can be more productive and profitable. Operating at an industrial park allows that opportunity to better manage the safety and security of employees, customers and visitors,” said Mr. Pooran. Presently, Kelton Pooran Manufacturers employ 14 employees; when the company sets up and becomes operational at Debe it is expected that the staff complement will increase between 19 to 21 employees.

Similarly, Mr. Deveanand Baboolal, Managing Director of Andy’s Woodworking who currently operates his business in La Romaine and is awaiting CEC approval from the EMA in order to start construction at the Debe Park. Mr. Baboolal would like to move his business from his current residential location to a more suitable industrial setting. Bridgson Auto Electrical Company Limited is another company which signed on for a 30 year tenancy at the Debe Business Park, Mr. Bridgemohan owner of the company indicated that he is looking forward to moving his business and 12 employees from his residence in Debe to the Business Park, since the company has outgrown its current location. Bridgson is in the business of repairing heavy vehicles such as cranes, tractors, back-hoes and trucks.

e TecK is committed to fulfilling its mandate of developing industrial spaces for non-energy businesses to grow, recently the company commissioned 21 pre-certified lots ranging from 1 acre to 21 acres plot sizes at its largest park in the company’s portfolio, Tamana InTech Park. These lots have underground utilities such as water, electrical, ICT and wastewater with the availability of natural gas and a robust ICT infrastructure which will serve as a precursor for investments in targeted non-energy sectors.

The company looks forward to forming stronger, more positive partnerships with new, existing and prospective tenants.

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