Danny’s Enterprises Company Limited

Danny’s Enterprises Company Limited operates its business at e TecK’s Plaisance Business Park. We interviewed Mr. Daniel Gokool, General Manager to learn more about his business.

Q.1. Can you provide a brief history of Danny Enterprises Co. Limited?

A.1. Danny’s Enterprises Co Ltd was formed in 1990 as a small asphalt paving company. Since then they have developed into one of the more innovative Civil Engineering Company in the Caribbean.

During the years, they have strived for excellence in the construction industry, resulting in one of their subsidiaries- Super Pave Ltd, being the only Asphalt Plant Producer in Trinidad & Tobago and by extension the English speaking Caribbean to be ISO 9001/2008 certified, thereby producing world class products.

In fact, because of the achievement, Super Pave Ltd and Lake Asphalt Of Trinidad & Tobago has established a joint arrangement (the first of its kind between a State Enterprise and a Private company) whereby Super Pave Ltd produces a Cold Asphalt Mix using the worlds famous TLA produced by LATT. This Cold Asphalt Mix is marketed by LATT worldwide e.g. China, India, Panama, E; Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, Nigeria and Ghana.

Panama Asphalt Inc, another subsidiary of Danny’s Enterprises Co Ltd with offices in Panama City, Central America, is the agent for LATT products throughout Central America, Mexico and Ecuador. Panama Asphalt Inc is also involved in many other projects in Panama and other countries of Central America. Recently Panama Asphalt Inc has gotten into an arrangement with Trinidad Cement Limited to market their cement products in Panama.

Danny’s Enterprises Co Ltd has been at the forefront of technology in the construction industry in Trinidad and Tobago, in that they have successfully introduced a road rehabilitation system using the Cold In Place Recycling System. Many roads and highways are now being done using this method. It is our intention to use technology to enhance and improve our efficiency and to make a meaningful contribution to the construction industry not only in Trinidad & Tobago, but to make our services available to other counties in the region.

Q.2. What services/products do you offer?  What is your company’s specialty?

A.2. Some of the areas that they now are involved in are:

  • Civil Works : Asphalt Paving and the supply of Hot and Cold Asphaltic Mixes
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Cold In Place Recycling
  • Installation of Vertical (wick) Drains
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Producers Of Hot & Cold Asphalt Mixes
  • Cold Milling – Road Safety
  • Ground Penetration Radar Technical Services

Q.3. What have been some of your past/present challenges in the business? How have you overcome?

A.2. One of the challenges we have faced is the entering of the Central American export market with our Cold Mix. There were certain standards to be achieved in order to penetrate foreign markets.We overcame these challenges by adopting Best Practice Policies and procedures whereby we got one of our companies’ ISO 9001 certified to conform to the required international standards.

Also we worked with international testing agencies in South Africa, Germany and Central America to achieve the relevant certification which were not available locally

 Q.4. What do you enjoy most about the business? 

A. 4. I enjoy most developing new ideas and new technology to solve some of our infrastructure challenges in Trinidad. But most of all I enjoy helping people to achieve their goals and objectives

Q.5. How do you develop your staff?

A. 5. We develop our staff with continuous improvement and development by constant training. We ensure our staff understands all aspects of the organization. We also recognize the importance of their role in the organization and their need to optimize their performance.

Q.6. Have you adopted any new technology/innovations to make your business more efficient?

A. 6. The Company’s continued development into innovative engineering solutions in road rehabilitation and construction has also assisted in the generation of asphalt mix formulations for specialist applications. The use of the stone on stone contact in the mortar rich, gap graded Stone Matrix Asphalt is an example of such a specific formulation, which provides an efficient, durable solution to asphalt surfacing of intersections and similarly stressed areas subject to high shear stress loading, and prone to shoving and rutting. The Stone Matrix Asphalt has been successfully utilized locally at a few major intersections along both the Audrey Jeffers Highway and Churchill Roosevelt Highway. The incorporation of Ground Penetrating Rader (GPR) technology for non-destructive analysis of pavement structures, provides for quick, reliable, collection of critical data for pavement engineering solution determination. The use of GPR scanning technology provides an efficient method of non-intrusive data collection of pavement structures, layer thicknesses and buried utility line detection. The GPR technology is a significant tool in pavement investigations, particularly in the field of sub-surface data collection.

Q.7. Please share any further information which persons may not know about Danny’s Enterprises.

A.7. Dannys Enterprises Co Ltd for more than 25 years assists students with their requirements in primary, secondary and tertiary levels, and we will continue to do so as it is part of our core values.


Danny’s Enterprises Co. Limited

Lot #15 e TecK Business Park

Tel” 659-1714

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