Heritage Sport Company Limited

Can you provide a brief history of Heritage Sport Company Limited?

Heritage Sport Company has its origin in the most humble of beginnings. Owner Richard McFarlane, seeing a need for affordable football equipment, began catering to young Tobagonian footballers by selling products out of a suitcase and the trunk of his car. He would daily visit the various practice fields around Tobago offering for sale, footballs, football shoes and other equipment. Eventually his car became so recognizable that he would be flagged down while driving by persons hoping to “catch a deal” on a pair of “boots”. After approximately one year of peddling goods on the street and at various community fields, the new business took on an official name and set up residence at a local mall location.

2. How long have you been a tenant at e TecK’s Mall at Sangster’s Hill?

Heritage Sport has been permanently situated at e TecK’s Mall at Sangster’s Hill since November of 2012.

3. What products/services do you offer?

Heritage Sport Company is a supplier of sporting goods, primarily to the Tobago market. It also has a small customer base in Trinidad. The company supplies equipment for all the major sports, primarily; football, track & field, netball, basketball, cricket and fitness.

4. What has been your greatest lesson as an entrepreneur?

“Short term failures are a part of long term success.”

5. What advice would you give to would be entrepreneurs?

Don’t wait for everything to be perfectly aligned to venture into business. There is no perfect alignment. If you see a need try to satisfy it…for a fee. If you have an idea and the passion to see it come to fruition, do it. There are risks, but no guarantees. Entrepreneurship is exploring a passion knowing the risks. Just do it.

6. What is the future of Heritage Sport Company?

To continue meeting the needs of the local sporting market…for a fee. The company has begun the process to become a Brand and not just a store. It will launch its brand of affordable sporting goods in 2019.

Heritage Sport Company Limited
Address : 24 e TecK Mall, Sangster’s Hill Mall
Tel # : 1-868-639-5150

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