IQOR Limited

Who is iQor?

iQor has been in business for over 60 years providing a wide range of customer interaction solutions, product support services, and data solutions and analytics on a global scale. The company has over 40,000 employees in 60+ facilities within 18 countries.  The company has been operating at e TecK’s Tamana InTech Park since 2015 and is the first tenant of as e TecK’s Flagship Complex located at Tamana.

What is the iQor specialty?

iQor specializes in customer interaction solutions, which focuses on building brand loyalty with positive customer experiences. The company invests in world-class training and the best people to be its agents, who on a global scale provide over 250,000 daily interactions on behalf of its clients.

The product support services team specializes in supply chain, logistics, technical services, testing, and engineering and performs over 71 million transactions monthly. iQor’s data solutions and analytics team researches, develops, and enhances our award-winning technology, which enables us to measure, monitor, and analyze brand interactions, and improve business processes.

Why did iQor select Trinidad to set up business?iQor enjoys its Trinidad center because of the diverse, warm, and welcoming culture of the region. The Tamana InTech Parks provides beautiful, newly developed facilities and places us in the same area of some the world’s top te

hnology players. Trinidad is south of the hurricane belt, allowing the company to maintain minimal downtime for our clients. Also, with a direct flight, Trinidad is less than four hours from Miami, Florida.

What are iQor’s Core Values?

iQor is driven by the following core values:

  • Customer Dedication
  • Respect
  • Open Communication
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Need to Give Back
  • Innovation

How does iQor develops its staff?

The company currently has 623 members of staff. iQor develops and coaches its staff through our award-winning training programs. Agents are trained through iQor’s in-house program, sQool, which combines traditional classroom training and online learning. The syllabus is developed by the company’s own experts and in conjunction with their clients.

iQor also offers  sQolar, which was created for agents that desire to move into a supervisory role, as well as our Leadership aQademy, which was created for its managers and supervisors to enhance their leadership skills and grow their careers at iQor. The company provides a multitude of other learning programs for our trainers, sales teams, and IT security, as well.

What new technology/innovations are used to make iQor’s business more efficient?

iQor utilizes a collection of technology tools that enhances efficiency at all levels and seeks to provide clients a variety of plug-and-play options. These include a secure, cloud-based infrastructure, call monitoring system, speech analytics, performance reporting, predictive dialing, workforce management, compliance, chat and email systems, and the list can go on. Additionally, agents access information through a thin client, which includes only a keyboard, monitor, and headset, and is granted through a secure biometric fingerprint login.

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