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Kelton Pooran Manufacturers Limited

Debe Business Park

Kelton Pooran Manufacturers  has been operating in the business of manufacturing of steel and aluminum products such as wheel barrows, spades, shovels, brackets, window hinges, door frames and roof bolts. The company recently received its lease to locate its business at Debe Business Park. Managing Director, Mr. Kelton Pooran, shares more on what this move to the Debe Business Park means to him and his company.

“We have been in this business for about 30 years with operations in La Romaine; would like to move his manufacturing business from the City of San Fernando to Debe Business Park which is more suited for my manufacturing business. I currently supply over 250 hard-wares throughout Trinidad and Tobago, the location of the Debe Business Park, where the highway traverses directly in front of the park, makes it an ideal location for transportation and distribution in my wholesale business. It will also provide more space for me for container parking and a bay for offloading supplies,” Mr. Pooran explained.  The company also manufactures and supplies steel windows for Abel Building Solutions. Due to noise pollution regulations in the city, Mr. Pooran cannot use certain equipment at his plant which impacts on his production capacity and his operational costs are high due to electricity and water charges in the city. “The Debe Business Park is just ideal for the expansion of my business; I can be more productive and profitable. Operating at an industrial park allows that opportunity to better manage the safety and security of employees, customers and visitors,” said Mr. Pooran.

Presently, Kelton Pooran Manufacturers employ 14 employees; when the company sets up and becomes operational at Debe it is expected that the staff complement will increase between 19 to 21 employees.

Contact :
Kelton Pooran Manufacturers Ltd
44 Bay Rd
La Romain

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