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Resin Converters Limited

This month we spotlight Resin Converters Limited (RCL) located at e TecK’s Frederick Settlement Business Park. The company is led by Mr. Christian Quesnel, a stalwart in the local manufacturing sector. Mr. Quesnel has contributed to the local manufacturing industry since the operations of e TecK’s predecessor, Industrial Development Corporation (IDC,) back in the 1960s. We caught up with Mr. Quesnel to find out more about his company. “Having worked my whole life in the manufacturing sector, in 2000, I made a decision to start up my own plastics manufacturing company with the aim of producing world class, high quality plastic packaging products,” said Mr. Quesnel. He continued “Today, RCL services clients are mostly from the Chemical, Food and Personal Care/Pharmaceutical Industries. We supply to a vibrant local market and we are working to expand our export base from only Caricom and some South American countries to include Central American countries. RCL’s clients include companies such as Shell Trinidad, Total, National Petroleum of Trinidad and Tobago and Unilever to name a few.

As Mr. Quesnel shared more about his company’s operations he informed us that he has been able to achieve a high standard of products through the use of  state-of-the-art machinery and processes to produce a diverse range of plastic products and plastic packaging solutions. The company’s success also comes through continuous innovation and upgrading of the plant, processes and equipment that meet the changing needs of the company’s clients. “I cannot forget my employees, we have a dedicated team of employees, a total of 93 who work a 3 shift system 24/7” remarked Mr. Quesnel. “In fact, employees recently concluded a course on Leadership which will prove to be beneficial to the management and culture of the organisation,” Mr. Quesnel added. He further advised that there are plans to diversify the company’s production which will increase staff to about 130.

When asked about the challenges which he currently experience in the local environment, Mr. Quesnel responded “The shortage of forex is definitely a challenge in my business since our raw materials are imported.” He also spoke of a shortage of a skilled labour pool for technical recruitment. He ended the interview by sharing that RCL focuses on training its staff since most of the staff members are relatively new in the manufacturing of plastics industry. “I am pleased to see the transfer of knowledge occurring as part of RCL’s training programme,” concluded Mr. Quesnel.

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