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Fiedler Meat Products Limited

What did you have breakfast this morning? Perhaps a home-made sandwich made with Black Forest Ham or Turkey Breast or Roast Beef. Did you check the brand on the packaging of the meat? It could have been the brand “Fiedler.”

In this month’s spotlight we take a look at Fiedler Meat Products Limited, who is the sole importer and distributor of processed meat from Canadian-based firm, R. Fiedler Meat Products Limited. This distributor is located at e TecK’s Trincity Business Park. Mrs. Michelle McGuirk, Managing Director shared a little more on the company. “We have been operating for the last 18 years at the Trincity Business Park. I got started in this business basically through visitors to the twin- island where they recognized that there was a need for processed meat in the local market, it made sense to actually get into the business to import the meats and supply the niche market,” said Mrs. McGuirk. She continued, “I am happy to be associated with Fiedler because of their high standards in food quality and safety. The company is well-known for its Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Program  (HACCP) and its product quality with British Retail Consortium (BRC) food safety certifications/standards.”

With 20 employees working in the plant, packaging and labelling are done locally. Mrs. McGuirk enjoys working in her business, she says “I enjoy food handling and love to supply quality products to customers who are eventually, pleased and satisfied with the product and the service we offer to them.” When asked about the challenges she faces in the business, Mrs. McGuirk mentioned that the accessibility to foreign exchange continues to be a major challenge in the current environment.

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Mrs. Michelle McGuirk/ Mr. Dean Ashby
Fielder Meat Products Limited
e TecK’s Trincity Industrial Park
Tel: 1-868-663-6676

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