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5 Questions with Ms. Aliyyah Eniath Hosein
Safari Publications Company Limited

Can you provide a brief history of Safari Publications? We are a creative boutique that began as a small publishing house in 2005. That year, we launched Caribbean BELLE magazine, which was quickly followed by Caribbean LIFE magazine and other publications including The Official Guide to the FIFA World Cup 2006/2010, and The Official Guide to the ICC World Cup 2011. Since, we’ve been fortuitous to use our conceptualization, design and editorial talents to craft eye-catching publications and winning advertisements for an array of clients.

What products/service do you offer?  

Businesses services include print advertising, design & layout, graphic design, illustrations, writing & editing, web development and e-publications.

What do you believe makes your business stand apart?

Apart from exceptional customer service, we can boldly assert that we have a very talented team! We also work closely with our parent company Eniath’s Printing, to provide print design and printing services under one roof.

What are some of your key milestones/achievements?

We’ve won quite a few creative and print awards that we’re very proud of.

2011 – 2016 – Won an array of gold and silver ADDY awards from Caribbean Advertising Federation for print design.

2016 – Won an award for design and printing of magazine cover – from Florida Print Awards

How can persons contact you?

Telephone: +1 (868) 663 5104
Fax: +1 (868) 663 5107
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