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e TecK Completes the Upgrade of Fire Hydrants at Twelve (12) Light Industrial Parks

e TecK recently upgraded fire hydrants at  twelve (12) of e Teck’s Legacy Light Industrial Parks. The project, which began in September 2021 and ended in December 2021 falls under e TecK’s Strategic Initiative, Asset Optimization and was aimed at providing a more reliable fire extinguishing system to protect persons and properties on e TecK’s parks in the event of a fire.

This project entailed servicing the existing functioning hydrants, replacing the non-functioning hydrants with new units and installing additional hydrants in strategic locations, as per recommendations by our key partner, the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service (TTFS) at the following parks shown in Table One (1).

Table 1: Twelve (12) e TecK’s Legacy Parks with upgraded fire hydrants

         i.            Biljah Light Industrial Park         ii.            East Dry River Light Industrial Park


      iii.            Morvant Light Industrial Park


      iv.            Chase Village Light Industrial Park


        v.            Frederick Settlement Light Industrial Park


      vi.            Pt. Lisas Light Industrial Park


     vii.            Debe Light Industrial Park


   viii.            Harmony Hall Light Industrial Park


      ix.            Pt. Fortin Light Industrial Park


        x.            Diamond Vale Light Industrial Park


      xi.            O’Meara Light Industrial Park


     xii.            Sea Lots Light Industrial Park


Some of the benefits of this project include:

  • Functional and accessible fire hydrant infrastructure to be utilized by the TTFS;
  • Reduced risks associated with fire safety; and
  • Improved ability for tenants to gain requisite certifications for operatio

A special thanks to the Ministry of Trade and Industry for its support and to the agencies who partnered with e TecK for a successful execution namely: the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services (TTFS); the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA); Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC); and the National Gas Company (NGC). The installation of the fire hydrants was completed within budget and to the demanded high quality standard.

e TecK remains committed to improving the standards of the Parks for our tenants.


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