StyroForms Limited

StyroForms Ltd., located at e TecK’s O’Meara Industrial Estate in Arima, is an architectural foam shapes design and fabrication company. They produce a wide selection of standard and custom architectural foam shapes for residential and commercial applications suitable for both exterior and interior purposes.

StyroForms’ architectural accents help create impressive and unique exterior accents for all projects. Customers can create unlimited designs using  trims, sills, bands, quoins, keystones, corbels, columns, while staying within budget. The architectural accents are specifically crafted to beautify the interior / exterior of buildings. Whether building a dream home, restoring it, or simply updating it, StyroForms Ltd can meet and exceed all decorative and architectural needs.

StyroForms has developed a wide range of shapes that are cut from Expanded Poly Styrene Foam (EPS), making the EPS mouldings lightweight, durable, and temperature resistant. As it is made from non-organic materials, traditional pests are not attracted to it.

StyroForms uses advanced cutting edge machinery and quality materials that ensure fine and consistent details that cannot be achieved with tools on any job site. From architectural foam mouldings to faux columns the StyroForms product will withstand almost any adverse element to produce a durable, versatile, elegant and distinctive design for any building.

The Corporate Communications Department at e TecK visited StyroForms Limited in Arima in April of 2023 and captured these photos:

Mr. Michael Pascal, Managing Director of StyroForms Limited holds an architectural moulding while Ms. Natasha Ramjass, Manager of Corporate Communications at e TecK looks on.

Architectural mouldings on display in the StyroForms show room in Arima

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