Milagros Solutions Limited

Milagros Solutions Limited a plastic bottle and cap manufacturing company specialising in bottles ranging from 250 ml to 5L, is on a mission to turn plastic waste into reusable products like plastic lumber.

The Corporate Communications Department (CCD) visited Milagros’ facility at Lot 23N Atlantic & Gulf Street in the O’Meara Industrial Estate, Arima, in May 2023, and learnt that this mission has earned them an award of grant funding from the Shaping the Future of the Innovation Challenge  to implement their innovative project initiatives.

The grant is a partnership between the Government of Trinidad and Tobago – Ministry of Planning and Development, the European Union in Trinidad and Tobago and IDB Lab in collaboration with CARIRI – The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute as the project implementing partner.

The manufacturer of plastic lumber from recycled plastic bottles involves grinding the plastic and repurposing the plastic chips. As such, Milagros collects discarded plastic bottles and partners with other organisations to find innovative ways to replace a great part of the lumber in Trinidad and Tobago.

Milagros also shared that they will be receiving new machinery soon to assist them with expediting this mission and e TecK looks forward to noting the great things from this organisation in the future.

The management team at Milagros also proudly operate an NGO called “The Flying Tree Environmental Management” which uses paragliding in its aerial reforestation process.

Below are some photos captured by the CCD.

A bench made out of plastic lumber by Milagros Solutions Limited.

Plastic bottle manufacturing machinery at Milagros Solutions Limited

Discarded and used oil plastic bottles are prepared for use after being ground in the grinder.

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