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Street lights repaired at the O’Meara Industrial Park

e TecK extends a hearty “thank you” to the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) for its recent repair of the non-functional street lights at e TecK’s O’Meara Industrial Park in Arima.
The last coordinated repair to the street lighting infrastructure on the industrial parks under the review of T&TEC took place in 2019. As such,
e TecK’s Facilities Maintenance Unit (FMU) conducted inspections to ascertain the current conditions of the street lighting infrastructure at fifteen of e TecK’s Light Industrial Parks throughout Trinidad which fall under the Street Lighting Programme. This led to the FMU reaching out to T&TEC with the identification of non-functional lights and maps highlighting their locations.
The provision of adequate lighting is integral to the safety of our tenants, the public and all users of e TecK’s parks. Additionally it has been noted that many of the companies located at our parks operate on a twenty-four hour basis or beyond day light hours. As such, fully functional street lighting assists businesses to  ward off vandalism and theft, and with the safety of the persons traveling to and from the parks.
e TecK looks forward to working with the Commission to facilitate adequate street lighting at all of its parks as part of T&TEC’s Street Lighting Programme.

An illuminated street at the O’Meara Industrial Park

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