Royards Publishing Company

Royards Publishing Company located at 7a Macoya Industrial Estate, Macoya, was founded in 1984 and has been at e TecK’s Industrial Estate since 1995. While based in Trinidad, Royards serves the Caribbean region extending to Belize, Bahamas, Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

The Company has been engaged in the production of curriculum materials at the Primary and Secondary levels. Its major thrust is the production of textbook material in Language Arts relevant to the social, cultural and academic needs of Caribbean societies, with productions such as Reading Series, Language Arts Series and Creative Writing Series. The Company hopes, in the near future, to extend its curriculum base to other academic areas and are constantly in expansion mode.

e TecK’s Corporate Communications Department visited Royards in July, 2023 and met with Mr. Dwight Narinesingh, Director and was even introduced to Mr. Clifford Narinesingh, the co-founder of Royards together with his siblings. e TecK learnt that Royards has successfully ventured into digital publishing through a hybrid system that caters for both print and digital material and through working with authors focuses on local intellectual content.

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