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The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI)

The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI)’s core business is to provide technological solutions and advice, and to source, adapt, and develop technologies for existing and new industries. At the functional level, this embodies three broad areas as follows:

Analytical and Engineering Services

  • Industrial Materials Unit- Metallurgy
  • Petroleum and Sustainable Energy Services
  • Occupational Hygiene Services (OHS)
  • Food Technology
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Food and General Microbiology
  • Air Quality Management Services
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Effluent Management Solutions

Research, Innovation Development and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem-

  • Business Incubator-Business Hatchery, Innovation Gap Analysis Programme (iGap)
  • Innovation Incubator Idea Advisory Service (IAS)
  • ICT Services

Engineering Services-

  • Industrial Materials Unit-Civil
  • Calibration and Maintenance Services
  • 3D Printing Lab

CARIRI has been located at e TecK’s Trincity Industrial Estate since 1983 and e TecK’s Corporate Communication Department (CCD) paid CARIRI a visit in August 2023 and was facilitated with a tour of their labs. The CCD also took the opportunity to learn more about their operations and discuss their tenancy at the park. Below are some photos of the visit.


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