Q.1. Why have a Common Area Clause?

A.1. This clause is necessary because each Tenant is leased an individual space on the Park. E TecK is the Landlord for the entire park. It is understood that each Tenant will not only be able to operate in the specific area leased, but will also need access to roads, pedestrians ways etc. This clause is intended to protect the use of these premises and gives each Tenant the right to use subject to interruptions for the repair and/or maintenance.

Q.2. What is required to prevent a breach of this clause?

A.2. An individual Tenant cannot utilize the common area to the exclusion of other Tenants or the Landlord. This would be a breach and an example of same would be if a Tenant utilizes the roads for parking of its vehicles or equipment and blocks the other Tenants and/or other authorized users of the Park. Tenants must recognize that the common parts are for use by all of the Tenants.

Q.3. What happens if this clause is breached?

A.3. If this clause is breached the Tenant will be required to remedy this by a Notice is writing given by the Landlord. The Tenant will be given a reasonable opportunity to remedy the breach failing which, the Landlord is entitled to take further steps leading to the forfeiture of the lease if there is no co-operation from the Tenant.

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