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Q.1. What is the Nuisance and Residential Restrictions Clause ?

A.1. The clause speaks to how the Tenant is expected to conduct itself on the leased premises. The conduct should be such that it must not do anything on the leased premised that will become a nuisance or cause damage to the Landlord, users and occupiers of any adjoining property of the Landlord or neighbouring premises.

Q.2. Why is the Nuisance and Residential Restrictions Clause important?

A.2. The clause is important as each tenant is entitled to quiet enjoyment of his/ her property and in this regard, the Landlord has a duty of care to ensure that this clause is not breached by the tenant.

Q.3. What is required to prevent a breach of this Clause?

A.3. The prevention of breach of this clause lies in the hand of the Tenant to ensure that there is compliance with the terms and conditions of their lease.

Q.4. What happens if this clause is breached?

A.4. If the clause is breached, the Property officer will issue a Breach Notice to the offending tenant with a timeline for remediation. If the breach is still not remedied then the Landlord can exercise its rights under the lease to regain possession of the premises.

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