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Q.1. What is the Sewage Clause?

A.1. The Sewage Clause states : “To provide and maintain adequate septic tank facilities on the said lands and to ensure at all times those facilities are adequate and in good working order and when those facilities are no longer adequate or are not in good working order to repalce and repair them at the Tenant’s own cost in a proper manner until (if at all) adequate sewer facilities are commissioned on the Industrial Estate by the Landlord.”

Q.2. Why is the Sewage Clause important?

A.2. This clause is important for sanitation reasons to ensure that employees of Tenants have access to proper and adequate facilities. It may also be necessary for the Tenant to obtain its WASA clearance certificates.

Q.3. What is required to prevent a breach of this Clause?

A.3. The Tenant must provide and maintain adequate septic tank facilities on the leased premises. The facilities must be in good working order, and where they are not, steps must be taken to replace and/or repair them at the tenant’s own cost.

Q.4. What happens if this clause is breached?

A.4. If this clause is breached the Tenant would have to take immediate steps to rectify, replace and/or repair same. If there is continued failure, this may affect neighbouring Tenants and e TecK can issue a Notice to the Tenant requiring an immediate remedy failing which it is open to the Landlord to take the necessary steps to recover the leased premises.

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