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Q.1. What is the Signs and Advertising Clause?

A.1. The Signs and Advertisement Clause governs the procedure to be followed if a Tenant wishes to erect a sign or advertisement on the Leased Premises.

Q,2. Why a Signs and Advertising Clause?

A.2. The signs and advertising clause seeks to regulate the aesthetics of the Park and also to ensure that the tenant complies with the requirements as mandated by the Town and Country Planning Department on the placement of such signs which should not obstruct visibility.

Q.3. What are the requirements for placement of signage/advertising?

A.3. The Lease provides that a Tenant is not to erect any sign, notice, advertisement etc upon the Leased Lands or building/walls without the prior consent in writing of the Landlord. If a Tenant wishes to erect such a sign, it must first notify e TecK as Landlord in writing and receive its consent to same.

Q.4. What steps do I take if this clause is breached?

A.4. If this Clause is breached, e TecK as the Landlord can request the tenant to remove same as the Tenant will now be in breach of a provision of the lease. The tenant would have to remove the offending signage.

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