Dedicated Utilities

Tamana InTech Park offers the convenience and security of a fully independent sub-station that provides an uninterruptible supply of power to the Flagship Office Complex, all leasable lots and the UTT Campus. There is a 300,000 gallon storage capacity on the Park with a direct source of potable water to the park. The Park is also serviced by an on-site sewer system and wastewater treatment plant.


State of the art ICT infrastructure is installed throughout the Park to support the most tech-savvy operations. Each lot is connected to a 144 strand, single core fiber optic backbone cable that ensures high bandwidth to tenants. The fiber is fed from 2 diverse paths for redundancy.

Green Environment

Tamana InTech Park is a good fit for companies with environmentally sensitive expansion goals. The final Park design features 30% of permanent green space in addition to the Moriche Palm Reserve. All tenants will enjoy an eco-friendly business environment to which they have an opportunity to contribute.


Two general taxi routes service the Park with public transportation, one from Arima and the other from Sangre Grande. Customized solutions can be developed based on employee location and shift requirements.


Interested in Tenanting a Space?

Interested in Tenanting a Space?

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