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A key feature of e TecK’s new business direction is mirroring the vitality, discipline and creativity of the economy. There is a demand for just over 800 acres of space for the manufacturing and service industries. To address this need e TecK will soon commence development of seven new, state of the art economic zones totaling 663 acres of leasable space. These business and industrial spaces are envisioned to stimulate the establishment of approximately 300 to 400 businesses and 10,000-15,000 jobs outside of the oil and gas sector.

These seven (new EZs) are as follows:

NEW EZs Size (acres) Business/Industry
Connector Road 70 Manufacturing, Commercial Services
Dow Village 147 Light Manufacturing, Petro Chemical
Endeavour 211 Business/Commercial, BPO, Hotels and Services
Factory Road 67 High-Tech Manufacturing Centre, Light Manufacturing
Frederick Settlement Extension 394 High-Tech Manufacturing Centre, Light Manufacturing, Commercial Services
Preysal 78 Commercial Services
Reform 19 Agro-Processing, Business Services

As part of our committment to forging collaborative relationships to facilitate the smooth and on-time delivery of these Economic Zones, e TecK continues its engagement process with key stakeholders, including Government ministries, regulatory agencies, representatives of the business community, non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations and other key partners.

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