TTPost Launches New Postal Coding Address

e TecK’s Vice President of Real Estate Assets, Mr. Ian Fletcher and Manager, Tenants’ Relations, Mrs. Erica Prentice-Pierre met with officials of the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Services (TTPost) earlier this month (March 2017) to find out more about TTPost’s “Address Improvement and Postal Code Implementation  Project.” The new S-42 Addressing Standard and Postal Code Project  will not only have an impact on the current addresses of e TecK’s tenants such as Lot and Building numbers and Street names but will impact the addresses of all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago since it will be implemented at a national level . The new addressing standard is developed by the Universal Postal Union. Within this standard and will improve TTPost’s mail delivery by improving the quality of addresses nationwide, through the assignment of building numbers in a logical and sequential manner.

Presently, the project is being rolled out and implemented nationwide. The new Addresses were distributed in Tobago, the Borough of Point Fortin, Chaguanas and Arima, and the Regional Corporation of Sangre Grande. The project will be rolled out in the Regional Corporations of Siparia, Penal/Debe and Princes Town before the end of 2017. Implementation of the new addresses is expected immediately after residents receive their Address Card in each respective place, however due to the fact that the project will be completed for the entire country in 2019, full implementation deadline is set at 2019.

TTPost also advised that once the new system is rolled out to our Business parks, our tenants will have to change their addressed to match TTPost’s address so that all mails will be directed to you in a smooth and efficient manner. This mean a change-out in your company letterheads and communication materials so it if referred to for mailing purposes the address will be in alignment with your r new postal address. Asked whether tenants will receive their male with the old addresses, the answer is yes, however TTpost would want to urge tenants to adopt the new address format in order to update their systems and comply with TTPost’s new standards.

e TecK’s Corporate Communications Department we would like to share with you TTPost’s information on the S-42 Addressing Standard and Postal Code Project . Click on the links for further details:

Please contact TTPost at 669-5362 or email or for further information

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