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e TecK hosts 3rd Annual Toy Drive

“Joy to a Child”, a twist of the all-time popular Christmas carol, became the theme of Evolving TecKnologies and Enterprise Development Staff 3rd Annual Christmas Gift Drive. This Christmas, e TecK’s Staff switched things up a bit by donating gifts to the Children’s Homes, instead of primary schools as done in previous years, the response from staff was overwhelming

With the assistance of the Children’s Authority in identifying homes closest to our Tamana InTech Park, e TecK selected five homes in neighbouring environs. The homes were House of Grace, St. Dominic’s Children’s Home, Casa de Corozon, Bridge of Hope and Raffa House. With a total of sixty-four children combined, each child was assigned to a member of staff for the sponsorship of a gift. This year’s personalised touch truly enhanced the company’s enthusiasm for the Christmas season.

During the gift distribution excitement in the air generated from not only the children but also e TecK’s Toy Drive Committee who visited each home. Deedra Maharaj, one of e TecK’s Toy Drive Committee members stated “It has truly been a wonderful experience, filled with ‘joy’ and has been very heartening for me and it has been a pleasure working with the team to help create and provide something a little extra to those in less fortunate circumstances this year.” The gifts were well received from the children and each of the home’s coordinators.

As a socially and environmentally responsible organization, the overarching goal of e TecK’s Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) programme is to enable positive, meaningful change and ultimately, sustainable development in the many communities in which the company operates.



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