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Preserving T&T’s History : Bunker at e TecK Plaisance Park

Do you know that there is a military bunker nestled within a hill at e TecK Plaisance Business Park? Built by the American forces during World War II, the Bunker, sometimes referred to as the St. Margaret’s Bunker, is located south of the St. Margaret’s Police Station on e TecK Plaisance Park. e TecK recognizes the historical values of the bunker and believes it should be preserved as a testament to the role Trinidad and Tobago played in the Allied Forces’ World War 2 effort. The Real Estate Assets Division of e TecK is presently undergoing the  the process of handing this historical site to the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Plaisance Park Bunker is made up of two (2) structures:

1. The Battery Operating Position (BOP)

This was built in 1942 and served as the main plotting room for the guns used to “deter” naval offensives. The BOP was also the Fortes Command Centre for Claxton Bay to San Fernando. With a reinforced concrete mushroom top some 12ft thick, it was built to withstand plunging fire from 11 inch armour-piercing rounds.

2. The Fire Control Position (FCP)

The FCP is located atop the hill, approximately 200ft, west of the BOP, and commands an excellent view from Couva in the north to La Brea in the south. It is 23sq. ft. with walls 1ft. thick and steel armoured windows facing the sea.

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