Industrial Parks Vacant Factory Shells Building sizes
Diamond Vale
$2.50 per sq. foot per month
3A-3B  (Not Available)
12A (Not Available)
12B (Not Available)
12E (Not Available)
1A, 1B (Not Available)
10,864 sq. feet
8,114 sq. feet
8,584 sq. feet
4,050 sq. feet
10,864 sq. feet
Frederick Settlement
$4.00 per sq. foot per month
FZ2 (Not Available)
FZ5 (upper and lower)
Administration Building on lot 64

(Not Available)

6,000 sq. feet
4,000 sq. feet each
1,808 sq. feet
$3.60 per sq. foot per month Service Shop (Not Available) 170 sq. feet
$3.60 per sq. foot per month A5 (Not Available) 5,037 sq. feet
$2.70 per square foot per month 18 I (Not Available) 4,000 sq. feet

For further information please contact Ms. Waynette Balcon, Snr. Sales Officer at 1 (868) 224-1989 Ext. 2195 or email or click on the link below to apply.

Interested in Tenanting a Space?

Interested in Tenanting a Space?

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